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Graduate Program of Hydrologic Sciences

Adrian Harpold

Assistant Professor

Natural Resources and Environmental Science

Academic & Research Interest

My interests are in quantifying catchment and basin scale water and solute budgets and the linkages between hydrology, hydrochemistry, geomorphology, and ecology in montane forested systems. Moutain ecosystems are the major water source and carbon sink in western North America and subject to ongoing changes in climate and disturbance.  Improved ecohydrological process understanding has the potential to improve local to global-scale water resource management in the 21st century.

My research program utilizes existing observation networks and new field observations to improve the ecohydrological process underpinnings of Earth systems models.  My diverse interests and background has led to investigations of runoff generation mechanisms via hydrological tracers and models, as well as the partitioning of water to its various stores and fluxes.  I am particularly interested in better linking the hydrological sub-disciplines of catchment and snow hydrology to improve our predictions of headwater catchment response to environmental change.

B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 2003
M.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 2005
Ph.D. Cornell University, 2010

Areas of Study

Climate science,   Ecohydrology,   Evapotranspiration,   GIS/spatial analysis,   Global change,   Ground water/surface water interactions,   Hydrology,   Remote sensing,   Snow,   Surface water hydrology,   Water resource assessment/evaluation,   Watershed processes,  

Current Students:

Rosangela Carreon (PhD)
Patrick Longley (MS)
Rose Petersky (MS)
Jon Weiner (PhD)

Representative Publications

Hammond, J.C., Harpold, A.A., Weiss, S., and Kampf, S.K. 2019, Partitioning snowmelt and rainfall in the critical zone: effects of climate type and soil properties, Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences
Bloschl, G., and 229 co-authors including A.A. Harpold. 2019, Twenty-three unsolved problems in hydrology (UPH) – a community perspective., Hydrological Sciences Journal  
Kostadinov, T.S. R. Schumer, M. Hausner, K. J. Bormann, R. Gaffney, K. McGwire, T. H. Painter, S. Tyler, and A.A. Harpold 2019, Watershed-scale mapping of fractional snow cover under forest canopy using lidar, Remote Sensing of Environment  
Perdrial, J., P. Brooks, T. Swetnam, K.A. Lohse, C. Rasmussen, M. Litvak, A.A. Harpold, X. Zapata-Rios, P. Broxton, B. Mitra, T. Meixner, K. Condon, D. Huckle, C. Stielstra, A.Vazquez-O, , M. Holleran, C. Orem, J. Pelletier, and C. Chorover. 2018, A net ecosystem carbon budget for snow dominated forested headwater catchments: linking water and carbon fluxes to critical zone carbon storage, Biogeochemistry
Karwan, D.L., J.E. Pizzuto, R. Aalto, J. Marquard, A. Harpold, K. Skalak, A. Benthaem, D.F. Levia, C.M. Siegert, and A. Aufdenkampe. 2018, Event-scale suspended sediment age influenced by hydrologic flux in a mixed-land use Mid-Atlantic Watershed, Water Resources Research
Harpold, A.A. and P.D. Brooks 2018, Humidity Determines Snowpack Ablation Under a Warming Climate, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Petersky, R. and A.A. Harpold 2018, Now you see it, now you don't: a case study of ephemeral snowpacks and soil moisture response in the Great Basin, USA, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
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Curriculum Materials
Harpold, A.A. and T.S. White. 2013, Exploring the Critical Zone with LiDAR., American Geosciences Institute handout for K-12 teachers.
Harpold, A. , Chandra, S. and Houston, D. 2016, Global Warming, Lawyers, Guns & Money -
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