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Admission Requirements & Information

(Deadlines are Aug. 15 for Spring Semester and Jan. 15 for Fall Semester)


  • Apply to the graduate school (do not send this information to the program office)
    • Apply online
    • Submit official transcripts to the graduate school
    • Submit GRE scores to the graduate school
    • Submit TOEFL scores to the graduate school (international students)
  • Apply to the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Program (you can submit the items below with the online application form, or have hard copy letters mailed directly to the Hydrologic Sciences Program office (MS 0175), not the graduate school)
    • Submit a letter of intent
    • Submit three(3) letters of recommendation. The letters must be signed by the individual recommending the student. You can request these via the online recommendations with your application, or have recommenders mail letters directly to the GPHS at Mail Stop 0175.
  • Find an advisor. There is an internal process to match students to projects and advisors, but the student’s active participation can help. Students are accepted if someone agrees to be the student’s faculty advisor.
    Please visit the RESEARCH STAFF PAGE  and contact them directly for funding availability.
  • Once all requirements are met, we will send an acceptance recommendation to the prospective student and graduate school.
  • Final acceptance comes from the Graduate School to the student. Only then can a student begin to register for classes